In the Fall of 2014, at age 26, Owen Seay began experimenting with a variety of homemade protein bar concoctions and selling them at local Farmer’s Markets in Orlando FL.

After recognizing an obvious demand for his handmade bars, the young serial entrepreneur was quickly forced to make a decision. As a commitment to his vision and newfound venture, Owen sold his personal belongings, moved out of his apartment, and moved into the back of a dedicated production space.

What he anticipated to be a short term, 2-3 month sacrifice to get the business started, snowballed into a much longer stint, riddled with one obstacle and setback after another.

For the next 32 long months, unbeknownst to his customers, Owen secretly lived in the back of his warehouse, slept on an $80 folding cot, showered at the YMCA, and made over 100,000 bars with a pizza cutter and rolling pin, while building his business and developing the unique line of protein bars, now known as Macaw! Bars.

In addition to the popular line of Macaw! Bars, Macaw! Foods also offers a full assortment of over 30+ specially sourced, 100% organic bulk food items including organic nuts, seeds, dried fruit, trail mixes, granolas, and chocolate covered goods.

Macaw! Bars are made, packaged, and distributed directly from the private Macaw! Foods facility in Orlando FL.

Owen retired his pizza cutter and rolling pin, and has since upgraded to a dedicated line of industrial production equipment.

He also has an apartment and bed, but occasionally still sleeps on his cot as a reminder to stay humble.