In the summer of 2012, at age 23, Owen Seay packed one suitcase of clothes and bought a one-way plane ticket that would transport him from the comfort of Ottawa Canada, into the unknown of Orlando FL.
Not knowing anyone, and never having visited Orlando previously, it was the beginning of yet another interesting chapter for the young adventurer and entrepreneur at-heart.
With the distant support of his Canadian cousin and previous online-marketing mentor (that's another story!) - Adam Franklin - the duo scraped together funds and bought a handful of properties in the Orlando area with intentions of renovating and reselling. Owen was the man on the ground and after a very long, arduous year and countless nightmare renovation stories, it was time to lick wounds, cut losses, and move on. 2013 was full of expensive life lessons!
After several months on the rebound - working odd jobs for friends (more interesting stories!) and saving up money - Macaw! Foods was born!
With an eclectic background in online marketing (while living in Canada) the original plan for Macaw! Foods was to develop a simple, easy-to-use website that anyone could visit to create their very own custom health foods, including cereal, trail mix, smoothie mix, and of course protein bars!
In efforts to launch Macaw! Foods and kick-off marketing for the website, Owen persisted his way into two of Orlando's most popular weekend Farmers Markets at Lake Eola and Winter Park, where he began mixing up and selling homemade protein bar concoctions like Coconut Husk, Cookie Dough, Brownie Batter, Peanut Buttery Cashew, and more!
After selling out of the popular handmade protein bars weekend after weekend, the accidental demand for these unique treats was obvious, along with the need for an updated plan!
This brings us to present day where we are now working around the clock to make bars and continue developing new delicious recipes for the amazing people of Orlando!
With Owen's colorful life-long passion for cooking, food, and pretty much anything delicious, the unique bars at Macaw! Foods are developed strictly around "taste" & "texture" while using simple, natural ingredients that you can feel good about consuming.
While customers are still more than welcome to build their own customized protein bars online, we are greatly humbled and appreciative as the loyal fan-base for official Macaw! Bar flavors continues to grow!
As always, we are excited for the road ahead!