What is a Macaw! Bar?

Macaw! Bar is the original "GOURMET PROTEIN DESSERT BAR". Made by combining only a handful of high quality, decadent whole food ingredients including organic cashew butter and organic dark chocolate.

How are Macaw! Bars made?

Fresh ingredients are mixed from scratch, formed into dessert bars, then packaged for sale. From start to finish, there is NO baking or cooking involved throughout the process.

Are Macaw! Bars Certified Organic?

Nearly ALL of the ingredients used to make our GOURMET PROTEIN DESSERT BARS are 100% certified organic. However, we do not technically carry an organic certification for our products at this time.

Are Macaw! Bars Gluten Free?

Yes. All Macaw! Bars are naturally gluten free.

Is there added sugar in Macaw! Bars?

No. Nearly all of the sugar in a Macaw! Bar is naturally derived from fibrous, organic date paste. The organic dark chocolate chips found in all Macaw! Bars, also contains a very small amount of cane sugar. We’re okay with that, and we have a feeling you will be too…

Are Macaw! Bars Vegan friendly?

We currently offer three delicious vegan GOURMET PROTEIN DESSERT BARS containing our own blend of 100% organic plant based protein, and five that are not vegan—as they contain whey protein. 

A LOT of time was spent developing our vegan flavors to make sure they’re not chalky, dry, or ‘earthy’ tasting. Most people don’t even realize our vegan flavors, are in fact, vegan. Surprise!

What kind of protein do you use?

We use a few different sources for our protein powders.

Denatured, Unflavored Ascent Native Whey:

  • Coconut Husk
  • Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Banana Bread
  • Cinnamon Roll

Organic Brown Rice / Organic Pea Isolate Vegan Blend:

  • Lemon Poppy
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Mint Chocolate Chip

What are Macaw! Bulk Foods?

From dark chocolate covered snacks, to nuts, seeds, dried fruit, trail mixes and granolas — we only source the freshest, highest quality, 100% organic ingredients. All 30+ of our bulk food products are packaged fresh, in-house.