In order to streamline logistics and improve product quality, we no longer offer custom protein bars at the Macaw! Foods website. Effective immediately, all orders for custom protein bars must be placed at The Bar Shack, where you will find even more awesome ingredients and customization options than ever before!

Visit The Bar Shack (  to place your custom protein bar order today!

Choosing Ingredients

Currently we have over 40 different ingredients that you can use to build your own custom bars. You'll just need to use the simple interactive webpage located at You will need to first choose a 'base' for your bars, as well as a protein powder or flour. This is an essential as it's what helps bind all of the fixins in your bars together.

Next, it's time for the flavor and texture enhancers options which include an assortment of dried fruit, nuts & seeds, and other tasty options like cinnamon, cacao and dark chocolate just to name a few. Most of the ingredients we offer are organic, because health and sustainability are both high on our priority list.

Don't be too worried about your choices as you really can't go wrong with any of the ingredients we offer. We're confident that you'll be pretty jazzed about the taste and texture of your bar no matter which ingredients you choose. 

With that being said, our advice is to not go 'overboard' on the variety of ingredients you choose, as quite often the the simplest recipes are the tastiest. Consider sticking to a flavor 'theme' for each custom bar you make. For example if you are a chocoalte lover (who isn't?) consider adding ingredients that will really bring out a chocolatey flavor such as cacao nibs, cacao powder, and chocolate chips. add a little vanilla and sea salt as well as the base of your choice, and you've got a real chocolatey winner here!

Macronutrient & Nutritional Information

If you're looking for a specific number of calories or macronutrient ratio we've also got you covered! On the right sidebar of the 'build a bar' page there is a nutrition chart that's updated in real-time as you add ingredients to your bar. This way you can tweak your recipe to your exact specs!

An FDA compliant nutrition chart will be adhered to the back of each of your bar packages.


Once you're happy with the ingredients you've selected, it's time to choose a name for your bar. The name will appear on the box, as well as on the front of each protein bar package. Get as creative or silly as you want here. There isn't a text limit so you really can go nuts, but just realize that as you use more letters the text size will decrease. We've made hundreds of thousands of custom bars and we assure you we've seen some pretty hilarious, crude, and wacky names.

We've also recently added the option to select the color of packaging that you'd like. Choose from 7 different awesome color combinations! We spend a significant amount of time designing our packages and are confident you'll love them regardless of your final color choice.


Now is the easy part. Just add your box of custom bars to your cart, checkout, and leave the rest to us! We will start making your order in our FDA certified kitchen as soon as we can! Once packaged, we will box them up and  ship them to your door via USPS. For local customers in the Orlando, FL area we also offer a pickup option (please contact us as pickup hours are limited).

If you are delighted with your bars (which we're sure you will be), they can easily be reordered in the future with only a single click. So head over to The Bar Shack and start making your own bars today - we guarantee you'll have a blast!