In the summer of 2014 at the age of 26, founder, Owen Seay, began experimenting in his kitchen by mixing up premium organic ingredients like cashew butter, dates, dark chocolate and a variety of protein powders.

By combining just the right amount of each ingredient, he was able to form decadent protein bars without the use of any heat or ovens. Macaw! Bars were born!

After selling out of his unique concoctions every weekend at local Orlando Farmers Markets, Owen soon realized the potential for turning his passion project into a full-time business. So that’s what he did.

Over the course of the following two years, Owen handmade over 100,000 Macaw! Bars with his trusty pizza cutter and rolling pin. Once demand for Macaw! Bars finally exceeded his ability to continue producing by hand, Owen took a trip to Texas and returned to Orlando with a truck load of specialized manufacturing equipment.

The successful transition away from handmade was a challenging process that took nearly eight months to complete, but to this day all 8 Macaw! Bar flavors are still proudly manufactured fresh-from-scratch at the dedicated production facility based in Orlando FL.

Why Macaw! Customers Come First

After getting accepted into Whole Foods in the summer of 2017, Owen took a step back from the business and decided to do something a little bit different.

In effort to stay connected with his customers like the early days of standing at the Farmers Market, Owen passed on the opportunity to sell his products through Whole Foods, distributors, and other retail chains. Instead he opened the flagship Macaw! Health Foods Store in Orlando and expanded the Macaw! product line to include over 30+ organic bulk food specialty items (nuts, seeds, dried fruit, trail mix, granola, chocolate covered, etc.).

Because the unique “jungle” themed store is a physical extension off the Macaw! production facility, local Orlando foodies now have direct access to the absolute freshest gourmet protein bars & organic snacks. Just like the good ol’ days! 

For customers living outside of Orlando, Macaw! products are available online at and ship throughout the entire USA. All orders are packaged fresh and shipped to customers directly from the Orlando facility. Free shipping is offered on orders over $99.

Spread your wings. Be wild!

The Macaw! Foods slogan is a personal reflection of Owen's core belief that in today's society it's more important than ever for young people to pursue their own personal ideas, visions and dreams -- Spread your wings. Be wild!

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