Deliciously crafted with only a handful of simple ingredients, Macaw! Bars are a healthy treat guaranteed to make your taste buds dance like they’ve never danced before! We’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning the recipe for each flavor just to make sure you're getting exactly what you deserve. Try all the Macaw! Bar flavors until you find one you can’t live without!

About Macaw! Bars

Macaw! Bars are like no other protein bar you’ve ever eaten! Having personally devoted nearly three years to the meticulous development and refinement of each flavor’s unique taste and texture, you’re guaranteed to find a personal favorite that you can’t live without!

A unique combination of freshly ground organic cashew butter, protein powder, and organic date paste serves as the foundational basis for all flavors. Taste and texture are the foremost important qualities for all Macaw! Bar flavors, with a major emphasis on sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients whenever possible. 

Organic dark chocolate can be found in all Macaw! Bars because it’s delicious and you only live once. At Macaw! Foods we do not advocate any forms of extreme dieting and believe that achieving optimum health is more complex than simply eliminating one particular substance from your diet.

We don’t want to live in a world where eating a little bit of organic chocolate is considered bad for your health. “Spread your wings. Be wild!”

In addition to five recipes that utilize whey protein, we’ve also formulated three fully vegan recipes through the incorporation of our organic blend of brown rice protein and pea protein. A LOT of time was spent developing our vegan protein dessert bars to make sure they’re not chalky, dry, or ‘earthy’ tasting. Most people don’t even realize our vegan flavors, are in fact, vegan. Surprise!

Many hours of trial and error were spent on our vegan recipes to ensure they did not succumb to the chalky dryness typical of vegan proteins. They are delicious and contain the same grams of protein per bar as their whey counterparts, between 10-12g.

Macaw! Bars are made fresh in our own private commercial production facility and then shipped directly to you, from us. No store shelves, and no middleman. Just you and us, together.

Quick Nutrition Facts

  • 8 flavors (3 vegan)
  • 10-11g protein
  • 240-250 calories
  • 6 month shelf life
  • Gluten free
  • NO added sugar
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO GMOs
*Almost ALL of the ingredients used to make our Gourmet Protein Bars, are 100% certified organic.

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