Deliciously crafted with only a handful of simple ingredients, Macaw! Bars are a healthy treat guaranteed to make your taste buds dance like they’ve never danced before! We’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning the recipe for each flavor just to make sure you're getting exactly what you deserve. Try all the Macaw! Bar flavors until you find one you can’t live without!

Banana Bread Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
Our Banana Bread bars are loaded with freeze-dried banana, walnuts, and dark chocolate. A delic..
Chocolate Brownie Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
A heavy dose of organic dark chocolate, cocoa powder and fresh walnut pieces makes our Brownie bar t..
Cinnamon Roll Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sweet smell of fresh cinnamon buns baking in the oven. W..
Coconut Husk Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
Husk or Bust! Our Coconut Husk bar helped put Raaw Macaw! on the map. And for good reason. Each..
Cookie Dough Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
Mmm, our chocolate chip Cookie Dough bar has remained a mouthwatering customer favorite for one simp..
Lemon Poppy Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
Originally created for the grand opening of lululemon's flagship Winter Park location, our Lemon Pop..
Mint Chocolate Chip Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
When you combine organic dark chocolate with ice cold mint, something uniquely magical happens. Good..
Peanut Butter Cookie Macaw! Bars (Box of 12 x 55g)
If you like peanut butter, you'll love our Peanut Butter Cookie bar. Loaded with whole oats and orga..
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