Aww Nuts! These heart-healthy, certified organic treats are straight from the earth, and always make for a great snacking option!

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Organic Almonds
Packed with health benefits, almonds are not only one of the best superfood snacks available but the..
Organic Cashews
You'll love our fresh and delicious organic raw cashews!Once one of Brazil’s most delightful natives..
Dark chia seeds
Super foods are naturally nutrient-rich foods packed with high antioxidants and are commonly thought..
european pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds were once an autumn seasonal snack. Today, they are available all year round. Historia..
raw hazelnuts
While hazelnuts are one of the original “Paleo” foods, they achieved more contemporary fame as a pri..
organic dry roasted peanuts
How many nuts have an iconic family cartoon or a minimum wage named after them? Peanuts have been ar..
raw pecans
Delicious, buttery yet rich-flavored pecans are one of the most popular edible nuts worldwide and ha..
macadamia nuts
Delightfully sweet macadamia nuts are a wonderfully exotic nut packed with important healthy and nut..
organic pistachios
Sumptuously hedonistic pistachio nuts have been adored for their wellness properties seemingly since..
organic sunflower seeds
Sunflowers are one of our most spectacular flowers, particularly grown in a mass planting or in a fi..
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