Product Details
Ingredients Certified organic dry roasted peanuts
Allergens Peanuts, packaged in the same facility as milk, sesame, soy, tree nuts
Country of Origin Argentina, USA

How many nuts have an iconic family cartoon or a minimum wage named after them? Peanuts have been around seemingly forever and have established themselves as a perennial and much-loved family favorite. In addition to being one of the world’s most popular sandwich fillings, peanuts are crammed with nutrition providing all round health benefits.

Health Benefits

Delicious, crunchy, and oh so nutty, peanuts are one of the popular oilseeds around. Including peanuts in your diet provides a range of health benefits including:

  • Lower LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Reduced incidences of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease
  • Improved immune response due to antioxidants and copper which may lower the risk of cancer
  • Healthier bones thanks to calcium and magnesium content
  • Balancing blood sugars helps ward off diabetes
  • Decrease risk of stomach cancer due to high concentrations of polyphenolic antioxidants
  • Resveratrol protects against cancers, heart disease, degenerative nerve disease, Alzheimer's, and fungal and viral infections

Key Nutrition Details

Peanuts are a great source of vitamins and minerals. A daily snack of 100 grams contains the following nutrients (% Daily Recommended Intake):

Energy: 29%

Carbohydrates: 12%

Protein: 46%

Total Fat: 165%

Dietary Fiber: 22%

Folates: 60%

Niacin: 75%

Pantothenic acid: 35%

Pyridoxine: 27%

Riboflavin: 10%

Thiamin: 53%

Vitamin E: 55.5%

Sodium: 1%

Potassium: 15%

Calcium: 9%

Copper: 127%

Iron: 57%

Magnesium: 42%

Manganese: 84%

Phosphorus: 54%

Selenium: 13%

Zinc: 30%

Interesting Facts

Originating in Central America, the Incans included pots of peanuts in with their mummies as food for the afterlife. Here are some more interesting facts:

  • While they originated in Central America, they made their way to the rest of the world thanks to Spanish explorers
  • Peanuts are not nuts they are officially classified as legumes
  • “Peanut gallery” dates to the 19th century when people in the cheap seats of the theatre would throw peanuts at the actors if they didn’t like the show
  • Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwich was peanut butter and banana and it's called the Elvis
  • The peanut has landed! Astronaut Alan Sheppard brought a peanut with him to the moon in 1971
  • Peanuts and peanut butter are naturally cholesterol-free
  • Peanut butter is 90% peanuts by law
  • Half the top 10 U.S. candy bars feature peanuts or peanut butter
  • They are the U.S. #1 nut snack
  • Dr. George Washington Carver, a research scientist at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, was known as the "peanut wizard"

Organic vs. Conventional

Since peanuts are grown in the ground they readily absorb sprays and pesticides. For this reason, organically grown peanuts are a wise choice.

Storage Tips & Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place where they should stay fresh for months. Keep shelled peanuts, in your refrigerator in an airtight container.

How to Enjoy

Peanuts are usually eaten as they are. Here are some other ways to enjoy:

  • Roasting peanuts enhances their taste, augments antioxidants levels like p-coumaric acid, and helps remove aflatoxin toxins
  • Sprinkle crushed peanuts over salads, and add to cakes, muffins, bread and desserts
  • Add whole or half peanuts in soups and salads
  • Peanut 'paste' is brilliant in dips or spreads
  • Boiled peanuts enhances their unique flavor and enriches their nutritional and antioxidants profile
  • Peanut oil is a healthy alternative and lends a delightfully aromatic flavor to dishes.
Product Details
Ingredients Certified organic dry roasted peanuts
Allergens Peanuts, packaged in the same facility as milk, sesame, soy, tree nuts
Country of Origin Argentina, USA

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