JAKE posted 05/10/2017

Best bars ever! So fresh and delish. Lemon Poppy and Cookie Dough all the way!!!!

Eliza Beth H posted 24/09/2017
Eliza Beth H

Wow! I remember the first time I tried this product. It was the peanut butter cookie flavor. A friend of mine named Lorenzo had a whole box of them which he gave to me because he claimed they were disgusting and he wanted them out of his cabinet. lol I'm so glad he hated them because I got a whole box for free. Yummmm

Erin O. P. posted 18/09/2017
Erin O. P.

My family and I are thrilled to have found out about these locally-made, delicious snacks! We especially love the super fun customizable bars and the new chocolate covered nuts. The hazelnuts are like a healthful, crunchy version of Nutella!
The combo/sampler box of bars is a great way to try several different flavors and find out that you love every one of them!

Erin posted 16/09/2017

My family loves the taste of the macaw bars I designed using the super fun customizable options and I am proud that they are packed with fiber and protein with minimal sugar! We also love the new dark chocolate nuts; the hazelnuts are like a fresh and healthful crunchy Nutella. I'm grateful for these locally-produced, delicious, quality treats!

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